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16 Jun 2016
'arcmain' utility for Archiving and Backup

Hey all,
I am new to Teradata and unable to complete a quite basic task: database backup. After reading the documentation available on line, I understood that the best (free) tool for backup is the procedure Teradata calls "archiving", which is performed through an utility called 'arcmain'. However, I've been unable to locate it in the Teradata server and nor on the client-side Teradata Tools Utilities (TTU).
It is amazing how difficult can be to look for the answer to an amazingly simple question: how can I install the arcmain utility? This piece of information is not in the manual ("Teradata Archive/Recovery Utility") nor in other any resource I've looked into. Some noble sould could give me a hand on that, please? Thank you in advance!
P.S.: our Teradata version is 14.10

Humberto Fioravante Ferro
dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
16 Jun 2016

Yep, the TTU Installaton Guides seem to be missing in the 14.10 online docu, but exists for other versions:
ARCMAIN is not in the standard TTU, you find it on the Teradata Tools and Utilities Tape Storage Management Enablers Linux & WINDOWS Release DVD.
If you want to backup a TD Express VM afaik it's included in the Teradata Tools and Utilities - Windows Installation Package


17 Jun 2016

thank you so much for the clarification! I will try to find the resource I am looking for (arcmain) in the installation media you mentioned and post the results here. Again, thank you for your help!

Humberto Fioravante Ferro

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