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xmas95 7 posts Joined 04/12
20 Mar 2014
Arcmain table load progress while copy/restore locking

We are using 13.10 and currently copying a table from one database to another and it's quite large (and yes, we are planning to partition it very soon).
Performing an arcmain archive and copy commands for a single table will work but the copy can take some time.  I couldn't find a way to see the progress of the copy process to estimate time of completion and to ensure we will not run out of perm space.  The table is locked so I can't count the rows and the dbc.tablesize table seems to only update when the copy is done so those won't work.  I assume there is some kind of indicator showing the progress of the copy, but I can't seem to find it, I hope that someone can provide something that I can try.

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
24 Mar 2014

Try the VERBOSE run-time option in ARC to periodically report row counts. The qrysessn utility can also be used to display details on I/O done by the child sessions.

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