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12 Sep 2007
Arcmain Rollforward

Hi,let me know how to rollforward the tables after restoring (using Copy) tablesI am using Permanent Journalsi.e. syntax and example rollforward works with COPY or RESTORE ?Thanks

Kks 128 posts Joined 03/06
13 Sep 2007

Request your replies

famalau 43 posts Joined 08/07
13 Sep 2007

Job_Agent,I never used the rollforward command to apply the Teradata log (permanent journal) while using the COPY command. I've never heard anything against using it that way, though, and did not find any restriction in the manual. I believe that it the COPY and RESTORE command should work the same way.Example:logon user,passwd; rollforward (table) , release lock , use current journal; logoff; If you need more detailed information about the syntax command, I would recommend you to look at "Teradata Archive/Recovery Utility Reference" manual.

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Jim Chapman 449 posts Joined 09/04
13 Sep 2007

Correction: "use restored journal" instead of current journal. Also, note that, by default, the restored journal is automatically deleted after the rollforward is complete. You can specify "no delete" to override this behavior.

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