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teradata_dba 43 posts Joined 01/09
11 Jun 2009

Gurus,The requirement is to forklift the whole database from Test machine to Dev machine.lets assume ther's a user Db called "XYZ" in test and it dosent exists in DEV machine.i want the user XYZ in the same heirarchy as it is Test. since the user can be logged in and has profile and role and when i archive and restore it in DEV using COPY will the roles , profiles get copied, will the user would be able to login in DEV?in general terms while doing a copy from one system to another what are the important points tahat i should take care so it dosent hit me with an error?regardsTD_DBA

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
11 Jun 2009

Note that COPY and RESTORE are different.If you COPY the content of a database to a different system, that's exactly what you get - copies of the content of that one database. Copies of objects get new internal IDs; permissions are not copied.RESTORE requires that the matching internal ID already exists. If you RESTORE database DBC to an "empty" system, critical dictionary tables will be populated with the same internal IDs - after which you can RESTORE user dictionary table entries and database/table contents. In that case, permissions will effectively be preserved / reinstated as they were.

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