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freynjord 2 posts Joined 01/06
17 Jan 2006
ARCHIVE Database

Hi,i try to archive a database with all tables ans constraints but i've a problem. Could you help me please ...On BTEQ, i'm connect with dbc/sysdba.--> Logon successfully completed..archive data tables (geref) ALL, release lock, file= geref.dat *** Error: Unrecognized command ARCHIVEwith geref, my idea ???

Dennis Calkins 12 posts Joined 07/04
17 Jan 2006

ARCHIVE is a separate program from BTEQ on Teradata. it is called ARCMAIN.Here are the directions that come wit the Teradata Demo CD about archiving the database. I updated it to match what you specified above.Create a file with notepad called b-sample.txt. Its contents should be:LOGON tdpid/user,password;ARCHIVE DATA TABLES (geref) ALL, RELEASE LOCK,INDEXES,OUTPUT ROW COUNT, FILE = geref.dat; LOGOFF;note FILE = can only be 8 chars with no path Create another file names b-sample.bat. Its contents should be:arcmain sessions=2 < b-sample.txt > b-sample.logdel *.rlgpause

freynjord 2 posts Joined 01/06
17 Jan 2006

Thanks a lot for theses informations, i tried.But he don't find arcmain.arcmain must be installed on the client or on the server ?I don't see arcmain application on my client teradata.

hh 21 posts Joined 06/04
24 Jan 2006

ARCMAIN is a client utility. If you do not see it, then you need to install it.

Ranga-746 2 posts Joined 12/04
15 Feb 2006

Hi Is there a way, where i can archive, using arcmain and put the file on a different serveras the client can not hold large fileThanksRanga

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