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btpys 4 posts Joined 06/10
17 Jan 2011
Applications configuration


I have a three node configuration, this means that I have three different IPs.
Right now the applications access Teradata through one of those IPs, say the IP of the node1. In case node1 is down, my application would not be able to connect.
So how should I configure my applications to connect Teradata, to be able to access in case any node is down?

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Jim Chapman 449 posts Joined 09/04
18 Jan 2011

Teradata clients are normally configured to connect to any available node of the target system. A host naming convention is used to associate the the network host names of the nodes with the Teradata system. For example, the 3 nodes of your Teradata server may be named (usually as an alias) tdat1cop1, tdat1cop2, and tdat1cop3, respectively. Then most clients will execute a command like "logon tdat1" by connecting to any one of the 3 nodes. Some clients (e.g. ODBC) allow you to specify a list of node IP addresses explicitly when defining a data source.

irfan098 10 posts Joined 07/11
02 Jul 2013

If a node is down. Put the ip of the available nodes. You would be able to connect to the system.

Shelley 28 posts Joined 09/10
02 Jul 2013

If you define a DNS name which points to all three IP's then you can use one name to always log on to the system. Even when one node is down

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