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Holzy 2 posts Joined 02/05
31 May 2006
AMP on Teradata is UTILITY/DOWN

Hi experts,I have a Teradata V2R6.1 installed on a WinXP machine. Somehow it got a problem, an the second of two AMPs got FATAL. After doing REBOOT on this AMp it now is UTILITY/Down - and it stays that way! No RESTART COLDWAIT and no restart via MultiTool does change this. What can I do, to bring the AMP back online? I know, that as soon as the Amp Is something like OFFLINE/Catchup" I can activated it with a "Set 1=Online". But how do I get there?Many thanks in advance!regards Holzy

Jim Chapman 449 posts Joined 09/04
31 May 2006

I assume that by "doing a REBOOT on this AMP" you mean that you used the BOOT command of Vprocmanager. The purpose of that command is prepare the AMP for a complete rebuild. Therefore, it erases all the data in that AMP's file system. It sets the AMP state to UTILITY to prevent it from being brought online. You must now run the Rebuild utiliity to rebuild all the tables on that AMP. This will recover all the tables that have been defined with fallback protection. Any tables without fallback are not recoverable.In Rebuild, enter the following command: rebuild amp 1 all tables all data ;When the all-tables rebuild completes successfully, it will change the AMP state from UTILITY to OFFLINE. Then you can use Vprocmanager to set the AMP online, and it will immediately enter the CATCHUP state. A COLDWAIT restart at that point should bring the AMP back online.

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