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callnishanth 4 posts Joined 05/09
23 Jan 2012
Amount of data read from disk



Is there any table which I could use to estimate the amount of data that we read from disk per minute(or any time frame) on Teradata ?


I did a quick read on the ResourceUsage Tables documentation and was able to find the following table :


   1.  HostReadKB   from   dbc.ResUsageShst

   2.  (Total Reads per Second) * (KB per I/O) by running the macro dbc.ResNetByNode


I would like to know if these provide me with the right figures or is there another place I can find this information..






ToddAWalter 316 posts Joined 10/11
23 Jan 2012

Start with the ResLdvByNode macro.

"host" refers to network traffic in and out of the Teradata platform.

"net" refers to BYnet traffic.

"ldv" refers to the logical devices over which the IO to disk are performed.

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