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juanalfonso 41 posts Joined 01/16
05 Feb 2016
Alternative to Oracle's packages

Hello to everybody,

I'm starting to carry out a migration from Oracle PL-SQL to Teradata Stored Procedure Language and I can't find how to declare my own packages.

I've already seen a post talking about this where they say that there is not an equivalent to Oracle's packages in Teradata.

So that means that there is not a way of grouping a bunch of procedures/functions under one single entity?

Thanks in advance and best regards

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
08 Feb 2016

No packages in Teradata.
The closest to "one single entity" would be a database (which is a schema actually).


juanalfonso 41 posts Joined 01/16
08 Feb 2016

Ok. Thanks for the answer!

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