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anil_athalye 3 posts Joined 01/13
23 Aug 2016
ALTER TABLE on UNICODE character type issue

I am trying to EXTEND the length of datatype varchar of unicode character set from existing 18 to 40. However, it is giving me an error
3558 Cannot alter the specified attribute(s) for %VSTR.
It displays the same error on an empty table. 
I am using TD 15.00. 
Has anyone faced this issue? Does anyone know the solution on this?

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
23 Aug 2016

Are you specifying additional attributes in the ALTER besides the VARCHAR(40)?
I believe this check only looks at which attributes are supplied in the DDL, and fails if you specify any attribute that is not legal to ALTER - even if the value supplied matches the existing definition.

anil_athalye 3 posts Joined 01/13
25 Aug 2016

It worked when I included all the attributes/constraints in the ALTER Table statement.

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