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snaren777 9 posts Joined 08/11
02 Feb 2012
Adding CR/LF to huge datafiles


I am trying to load data from Pipe delimited flat files (size from 1.5Gb to 6GB) to a table in our database. I tried MLOAD. After reading all the records in the smallest file (1.5GB), it threw an error 'EOD encountered before end of record'. I was able to fix it by opening the file in Textpad and adding a CR at the very end of the file (i went to the last line in the file and pressed an enter).  I am not able to do the same with the other files as they are too huge to open in my computer. Is there a way in which we can handle it at the script level?  Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

Thank you

Sample Script:

.LOGTABLE ud122.data_q4_2012_log;
.LOGON tdpid/112,pwd;
.begin import mload
tables UD122.data_Q4_1
ERRLIMIT 50      
.layout olblayout;
.FIELD IDFIELD * varchar(10);
.FIELD CODEFIELD * varchar(10);
.dml label olbodml;
INSERT INTO UD122.data_Q4_1(
import infile "c:\uploading\abc.txt"
format VARTEXT '|'
layout olblayout
apply olbodml;
.end mload;


hans-peter 7 posts Joined 11/04
02 Feb 2012

an awk-command, which is simply printing every line adds the LF after last line.  But I'm not sure if the size of the file might  cause problems with awk..

> awk '{print $0}' < infile.txt >outfile.txt

ulrich 816 posts Joined 09/09
03 Feb 2012

you might try to use a perl script with write append.

Didn't test it but the script would be something like



 open (MYFILE, '>>yourFileName.dat') || die("This file will not open!");

 print MYFILE "\n";

 close (MYFILE); 

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snaren777 9 posts Joined 08/11
03 Feb 2012


Thank you for the suggestions. I used a File Splitter and split the files in to 1GB sizes. Now, I am able to open the files in Textpad and add a CR at the end. I did have to merge the truncated row (last record in a file and first record in the next file). I will update on my progress soon. 




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