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aaneelu 5 posts Joined 02/13
12 Apr 2014
ABU vs TARA with NetVault or TARA with TSM

To backup and recover Teradata, is ABU requirementmandatory or can we use TARA with NV/TSM?
I dint understand the relation or differences between ABU and TARA with NV/TSM.

seven11 26 posts Joined 12/09
22 Apr 2014

The Appliance Backup Utility (ABU) is a tool bundled in with Teradata Appliances only, while derived from the same code base as TARA it is a cut down version which will only backup/restore to/from a remote file-system mounted via NFS or iSCSI over an Ethernet connection.
If you have a Teradata Backup and Restore Solution using TARA (NetBackup/TSM) or the Teradata plugin for NetVault that integrates directly into a backup application ABU is not required.
Hope this helps

Kamma1166 4 posts Joined 07/13
27 Jan 2016

I have one schenario --  i am using Netvault back up solution for current machine, ABU solution for new machine in Different Datacenter.
I want copy 5TB of Data from current Datacenter new Datacenter. could you please help me on this.

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