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alikpr 5 posts Joined 02/14
11 Jan 2016

Is there any way to find out backup error message such as no more room in database etc. ?
I can see the error from  taragui job history. but want an alert mail when error happens.
Is there such a table about jobname,startdate,enddate etc. ?

dins2k2 51 posts Joined 05/13
02 Feb 2016

There is no table holds such information as far I know.
You have do some manual work(shell script) to get the error details by parsing the error logs. 
Note : Provided that you have access to taragui and linux environment.
Below are the steps we do in our environment(Linux) and shell script runs every 10 mins whenever the backup starts and checks for backup failure/success and mails DBA.
1. Get the job list with jobid

/opt/teradata/tara/gui/bin/tarajobquery -L -u <taragui_username> -e /opt/teradata/tara/server/bin/tara.pwd 

2. Get the exit code for the backup job( 0 - success , 4 - success with warnings , 8 - success with syntax or user errors , 12 - failed )

/opt/teradata/tara/gui/bin/tarajobquery -j <jobid> -u <taragui_username> -e /opt/teradata/tara/server/bin/tara.pwd

3. Sends mail to DBA for failure/success of backup jobs details with error codes.
If you really want search for particular error code, you need to parse the log files, but this is very expensive and time consuming operation.. Below are the steps.
1. Get the job list with jobid

/opt/teradata/tara/gui/bin/tarajobquery -L -u <taragui_username> -e /opt/teradata/tara/server/bin/tara.pwd

2. Generate the logs and it will create logs each stream which were mention in the .arc job script.

/opt/teradata/tara/gui/bin/tarajobquery -u <taragui_username> -e /opt/teradata/tara/server/bin/tara.pwd -j <jobid>  -l -f /tmp/log

So, for example if the job confirured with 24 streams, 24 logs file will be generated after executing above command like log_log_1.txt ->  log_log_24.txt and job and object files also be generated log_job.txt, log_obj.txt.
3. Parse the 24 log files and look for error code you are looking for and send it to your mailbox. 
Hope this helps.

alikpr 5 posts Joined 02/14
08 Feb 2016

Hi Dinesh,
Thank you so much ,this steps are very useful for me.

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