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hyma 33 posts Joined 07/11
29 Jul 2014
9804: Response Row Size/Constant Row Size overflow

I have a Query. It ran for a long time without any problem. Few days ago the query suddenly got the error: 
9804: Response Row Size or Constant Row Size overflow.
All checks that have been done just tell me that it's not really the row size that makes problem.
A DB restart didn't help.
The query is pretty long and the target table has 233 columns. Eben though, the row length is still < 64K. 
I'd like to ask whether any of you did experience this situation or similar? 

tomnolan 594 posts Joined 01/08
29 Jul 2014

Here is the relevant section from the Teradata Database Reference / Messages manual:
The response row is limited to two 64k fields generated by the projection list and the order by clause.
That error can occur either when the select-list (a.k.a. projection list), or the list of columns in the ORDER BY clause, or both, exceed 64KB.
Assuming that the query hasn't changed, a couple of obvious possible reasons for the query to fail are that you used a different session character set (e.g. changed ASCII to UTF8), or that the underlying table was changed (e.g. a column was added, or a column was changed from Latin to Unicode).

hyma 33 posts Joined 07/11
29 Jul 2014

Thanks for your hints, tomnolan. I did check the points.
Just found out that one DBS-Control parameter has been changed: 65. NoDot0Backdown.
We're running TD14.10 for some weeks without any issues. The parameter NoDot0Backdown has been changed to TRUE to enable 14.10 features. Since then we get this error.

HarshaKudumula 83 posts Joined 04/09
11 Mar 2015

If you are using ODBC or .Net Driver, I think you are using session mode is set to "ANSI", so that is reason you are getting 9804 error. why because it can't able to display the results if it crosses row size limit. generally, ANSI Mode session have very less row size limit. It is better to change the session mode to "System Default", so you can able to get the results with out 9804 error

ToddMcC 1 post Joined 06/16
21 Jun 2016

I received this error after installing Teradata SQL Assistance 15.0.  My Connection is "Teradata.Net".  I fixed the problem by changing the connection settings as follows:

  • Top Menu Select: Tools -> Connect
  • Connection Information Window: Select Advanced Tab
  • Changed Session Character Set:
    • From: UTF8
    • To: ASCII
  • Changed Session Mode:
    • From: Teradata
    • To: Default

I made these changes to configure Teradata SQL Assistant 15.0 the same way I had configured a previous version of Teradata SQL Assistant.  One or both of these changes fixed the Error 9804 issue.

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