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sunitha_cv 12 posts Joined 05/09
18 Jun 2009
3939 error

Hi,I am trying to generate sequences for IDN in teradata table but it is throwing an error like "393939 error:there is mismatch between number of parameters specified and the number of parameters required"Teradata query which I used to create sequence.sel COALESCE(rel_d.SEGMNT_MAIN_REL_TYP_IDN,ROW_NUMBER() OVER( ORDER BY rel_d.SEGMNT_MAIN_REL_TYP_IDN)+CAST(:VAR1 AS DECIMAL(15,0))) SEGMNT_MAIN_REL_TYP_IDN FROM GL_SEGMNT_MAIN_REL_TYP_I rel_i left outer join GL_SEGMNT_MAIN_REL_TYP_D rel_d on rel_i.src_sys_id=rel_d.src_sys_id;Please let me know the reason for this error.

robpaller 159 posts Joined 05/09
29 Jun 2009

Are you defining and setting :VAR1 inside of the macro or stored procedure containing this SQL statement?

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