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palakpatel 1 post Joined 10/14
20 Oct 2014
special characters such as '¬', crtl B, crtl A etc from sybase to TD

recently i been assinged a major Migration project in my recent company. so there are bunch of existing & working sybase code/jobs i am converting to TD one by one. I came across with one challenging code where we are concnating 2 strings and in btween them we are adding '¬'/crtl B. for same results, we are using XXXX+char(2)+YYYY in sybase. 
when i tried same approach, it didnt work. i tried 1234||char(2)||5678, 1234||char(002)||5678 no results. I know i can replace char(2) (which is '¬'/crtl B in sybase) with '¬' and make final run. but thar'd be incorrect. 
Can some one please help me on the same? its urgent. 
Thank you IN ADVANCE

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
20 Oct 2014

What's your TD release?
In TD14 there's a CHR(2) function, or you can use a hex-literal '02'xc


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