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ritabrata_saha 1 post Joined 10/13
01 Oct 2013
Availability of Telecom Communication Data model documentation for RFP preparation

Hello, I am in need for the "Teradata Communication Data Model" documentation so that it can be proposed as a part of the Request for Proposal along with the appliance. Model overview doc available over the internet is not sufficient.
If some one has an implementation experience of the same, please help me understand if at all Teradata corporation shares the documentation of the model during the proposal phase.
Any help on the same is very much appreciated.

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
07 Oct 2013

Hi Rita,
It may be just like a prototype. It has subject areas like Event, Network,Network Activity,Finance, Finance mgmt,master, offering,promotion,Party. Under these SAs there are facets like Associations,Base, Call center etc for Event and Access ,Access - Subtypes, Cell Site etc  for Network and so on and so forth. So all you need to do is map business requirements accordingly. Understanding the business mapping is more important. In all likelihood, you may need to introduce new entities besides casting aside unwanted entities.
Understand the flow of business, make matrix etc ....

Raja K Thaw
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Jake Kurdsjuk 9 posts Joined 06/13
07 Oct 2013

There are varying levels of documentation for the CLDM depending on your needs, from sales presentations that are available to employees on the SharePoint, to mode detailed and IP protected documentation that requires an NDA to be signed first.
Links to the SharePoint and information on how to gain access to IP information can be found on the Communications Data Model Connections Page

Jake Kurdsjuk
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Teradata Communications Data Model

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