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12 Jun 2014
Accessing Information from Visio ERD

I'm just looking at using Visio 2010 to create a database design.  The tools seems a great way of entering information and drawing the ERD.  However there doesn't seem to be any way of getting the data out again after you have put it all in.  Ideally there would be an option to generate DDL from the design, or if not then export the information to excel or XML, but none of these seem to be possible.
Is anyone else using visio for modelling, and if so have you managed to output this information?
I found a 'forward engineer' plugin, but this outputs SQL Server DDL, which isn't very useful (though I may be able to edit this text if I have to)
If I can just see the information on a visio diagram, but can't get at the text then I might as well have just designed it using a pencil and paper!

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