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Covers all topics related to Teradata database connectivity, including the use of client technologies such JDBC, ODBC, .NET Provider etc. For articles, blogs and more, see the Connectivity section of this site.

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Unable to connect to teradata Topic by pindiganti2 04 May 2014

Hi All,
I am new to Teradata. I have knowledge on Oracle. Recently I installed Teradata 13 version on my lap through VM. I completely installed Teradata tools and utilities. Now I am not able to connect to Teradata through SQL Assistant. While I tried to connect it's showing Error. Below the error log:

5/4/2014 2:51:46 PM

SQLA Version:

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Drop Table from Topic by flash7gordon 01 Sep 2015

Using VS 2010 with Teradata 14.x client.   Issuing teradata queries from c# and capturing the results.   I am noticing that I can't issue a drop table from   It doesn't give an error for a drop table it just doesn't execute the command.   I am "cmd.ExecuteNonQuery" . Anything else to try?

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Mode Function Topic by Siinis 14 May 2008

I am searching for a Mode aggregate function.the mode is the value that occurs the most frequently in a data set

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Access passthrough query connecting to different data than linked table Topic by purpleintrepid 20 Aug 2015 #ODBC

I have a linked table in my Access database to a table on our Teradata server that works fine, but I want to limit the rows coming across the wire so I created a pass-through query using the same ODBC connection.
For some reason, it returns different results without the most recent data.  The row count of the table is lower.

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Calling a macro via JDBC Topic by opolm 05 Sep 2012 jdbc, macro



I'm trying to call a Teradata macro via JDBC. I'm using the following code

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Cannot find terasso library Topic by nichunchun 01 Apr 2009

Hi, Since I installed "Teradata Tools and Utilities v12.1 (TTU v12)". I can't use queryman anymore. The error message "Cannot find terasso library", not enough information to log onAnybody knows how to fix it? Thanks

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linux teradata ODBC SQLConnect Error Topic by randall_es 28 Jul 2015 linux, unix, odbc, dsn



I can successfully connect to DB2 using my odbc files. But when I try it with Teradata I get the following error:

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problem with ODBC drivers SQL assistant not working Topic by AlexQuiroz 30 Oct 2013

Dear friends, my connection not working, please help me.
OS: windows 7 professional 64 bit
Teradata SQL assistant version: 12
ODBC Controller:
Name: Teradata  | Version: | organization: NCR Corporation, Daytin OH |file: TDATA32.DLL | date: 01-06-2007 (2007-06-01)
thank you,

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script for ODBC connection Topic by PavelDriver 05 Aug 2015 #ODBC#Error#Script

Often it is necessary to create a connection to the Teradata database and want to automate this process.
Use teradata ODBC Driver

I tried to bat files  through the following:
% WINDIR% \ System32 \ odbcconf.exe configsysdsn "Teradata" "DSN = Teradata1 | Description = Teradata | DBCName = Teradata"

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BIDS can't find Tdata via Attunity Topic by purpleintrepid 05 Aug 2015 attunity teradata ssis

I'm trying to get my SSIS environment connecting to Teradata after installing some Oracle tools, and it's not going well.  I've reinstalled Attunity's drivers, the Teradata tools, and the Teradata ODBC and .NET drivers, and my BIDS environment still says No connectivity to Teradata is available.
What else do I need to check or reinstall?

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Reading Clob column using teradata JDBC is too slow Topic by sureshphoton1 22 Sep 2014 clob, jdbc

I am using the following code to read clob data from teradata. 

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.NET Provider on Mono? Topic by jdliau 10 Dec 2013 .net provider

Does anyone have experiece using .NET Provider with Mono CLR on Linux? I cannot find any information in the help file or Teradata site. 

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Calling Macro from .Net Provider Topic by greenpeter 02 Aug 2015 .net provider, macro

I'm new to TeraData and need to call a Macro from C# using the .Net Provider.
I wasn't able to find any sample code, and not sure what the correct way to do this.
I don't want toe send "exec macroName(param1)" from my code, I would like to have something similar to the way i call procedures.
Can you please point me in the right direction?

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TDAT ODBC and Windows 10 Topic by brennanb 31 Jul 2015 odbc, Windows 10, TTU15

I've been trying to use the TTU 15 tools iwth Windows 10, and while SQL Assistant ("Queryman") in native Teradata mode works fine, I can't get it to work in ODBC; nor will Teradata Admin work.

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Does ODBC have an option for LOG=DEBUG like JDBC does? Topic by grisaitis 29 Jul 2015 odbc, log

One nice feature of the JDBC driver is the ability to specify how much logging output goes to stdout. For those who aren't familiar, you can pass LOG=DEBUG to get extremely detailed info from Teradata about how your queries are performing. See more in the JDBC docs ( ).

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teradata driver upgraded from 12 to 14; excel vba connection string wont work now Topic by pirrejo 22 May 2014

Recently changed from 12 to 14, a macro we had to auto connect to Teradata that worked fine with 12 now gives the error [Teradata][ODBC Teradata Driver] Not enough information to log on.
Is there something that needs to be modified?  VBA code is below, with comment on where error is occuring...

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Teradata database size Topic by sangeeth 22 Jun 2009

Hello evrybody, Can i know the approximate size of teradata base currently using...?.

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Need some help with SAS connection via CLIV2 Topic by jswilson64 28 Jul 2015 CLI CLIV2 TASM_FastFail_Req


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Teradata VM - Outside connection Topic by a.alarcon.gonzalez 28 Jul 2015

Hi Experts
I am pretty new in Teradata, I have just installed Teradata Express for VMware
Can I configure this Teradata environment to connect from my Laptop? And not from inside of the VM?
Please can you share the procedure to configure this environment?
Thank you

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Teradata Connection pooling : com.teradata.jdbc.TeraConnectionPoolDataSource . Creating large number of connections Topic by 17 Jul 2015

Using com.teradata.jdbc.TeraConnectionPoolDataSource for pool based datasource in a application. Below are the configurations..
       <property name="minPoolSize" value="2" />
        <property name="maxPoolSize" value="60" />
        <property name="maxStatements" value="100" />
        <property name="InitialPoolSize" value="2" />

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export data to MySQL Topic by user1212 06 Dec 2013

I am trying to import into MySQL with the MySQL Workbench migration wizard.
I can connect to source DBMS (Teradata), I can retrieve schema list from source, but I can't reverse engineer schemata.
Can someone let me know if this should be possible, or if I should rather use a tool like Kettle
I'm on Windows2008r2
ODBC driver
Workbench 6.0

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1 reply, 5 years ago
Teradata JDBC fastload hangs after 50K records Topic by k3na 22 Jun 2015

Hello Teradata experts,

I'm now working on optimization of loading of data into Teradata.

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.NET Provider performance Topic by rluebke 11 Jun 2008

Is there anyway to get the .NET provider to perform anywhere near as well as fastload for loading data? We have several applications, in c#, that need to monitor directories and then load those files into a Teradata warehouse. I would prefer not to have to shell out to call fastload. Currently I am reading/parsing the file into a dataset and then using a dataadapter to update the table.

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Teradata - Informatica - Linux - tbuild -V not found Topic by srinath reddy 11 Jun 2015 installation of teradata on redhat linux, tbuild, #Informatica, teradata 13.10

Hi All,
My name is Srinath I have installed TTU 13.10 in linux Server . For the first time of installation it was successful but we had few issues so had to uninstall or remove the TTU and TPT and install in different path. 

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