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Covers all topics related to Teradata database connectivity, including the use of client technologies such JDBC, ODBC, .NET Provider etc. For articles, blogs and more, see the Connectivity section of this site.

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Getting both Teradata ODBC and Aster ODBC working together with the pyodbc Python adapter Topic by 06 Nov 2013 teradata, aster, odbc, python, pyodbc

I'm generally more of a forum lurker, but every once in a while I get something working that doesn't readily work out of the box the way you'd expect and feel that its worth posting about to ease the path of others (and maybe leave a trail for Google to scan so I don't have to remember where I left my notes!)

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td wallet for jdbc Topic by Raja_KT 22 Jan 2014

Can someone share the idea how can we implement tdwallet using jdbc connection.
Thanks and regards,

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Could you tell me the reason why login time out? Topic by 30 May 2011 jdbc

I could connect the DBS via bteq when the program was retrying to connect to TD DBS(14f.00.00.00).
But who can tell me it is an issue of c3p0 module or TeraDriver?
DEBUG com.mchange.v2.resourcepool.BasicResourcePool - An exception occurred while acquiring a poolable resource. Will retry.
com.teradata.jdbc.jdbc_4.util.JDBCException: [Teradata JDBC Driver] [TeraJDBC] [Error 1276] [SQLState 08S01] Exceeded login timeout for
at com.teradata.jdbc.jdbc_4.util.ErrorFactory.makeDriverJDBCException(

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Is it possible to connect to Teradata from Excel without installing Teradata drivers? Topic by Sleipner 04 Dec 2014 excel, vba, adodb

I'm trying to build an Excel self-service tool front end for a Teradata database, but the end users will not have any Teradata drivers installed on their machines.  Is it possible to use a generic ODBC connection, and if so, does someone know what connect string to use for an ADODB recordset?

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Connect Teradata SQLA using LDAP Topic by WAQ 21 Jan 2016 #LDAP

I have installed OpenLdap for windows and now I am trying to use LDAP to connect SQL Assistant.
I am looking for some help/guide which tell me how to create a DSN connection for using LDAP and what information do we need to pass in the DSN parameter and other fields.

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Connecting to Teradata using Python Topic by HateOra 25 Jul 2014 python

Hi Guys,
I am strugling to connnect teradata usning python. I have a user ID and password in text file and i need to read the test file to connect to teradata.. could you please help me with theb syntax if anyone has already done this

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ODBC Socket Error in some Informatica Sessions Topic by HP 22 Feb 2013

Since past one month, we are getting the error below in some of our informatica sessions during the daily load.
 013-02-22 02:11:10 : ERROR : (15655 | PRE-SESS) : (IS | IS_NAME) : : CMN_1022 : Database driver error...
CMN_1022 [

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Teradata connectivity Issue through JDBC Driver in java Topic by adouang 25 Jan 2016 JDBC;TERADATA;JAVA;LDAP

I am trying to connect my Teradata server through JDBC Driver in java using LDAP :

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asterdata nClusterDNProvider Topic by bhupigs 11 Jul 2013 asterdata .net nClusterDNProvider

Asterdata extension framework mentions about installing drivers and they mention referencing nClusterDNProvider.dll file for the provider...however after finishing the install I dont see the file anywhere...  teh document doesnot mention any location adn searching my computer yields no result... I have looked at all standard locations like program files/ program files(x86)...

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Teradata ODBC Teradata Driver Not enough information to log on - Python/SQL Assistant ODBC Topic by DDKing 09 Nov 2015 python, sql assistant, odbc

I'm geting "Not enough information to log on" error message when trying to connect using the Teradata Python module, pypyodbc or SQL Assistant ODBC.
Using Teradata Python:
session = udaExec.connect(method="odbc", system=***,username=***, password=***);
*** - hide the real values.
Using pypyodbc:

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GET METADATA FROM JDBC DRIVER (Query NOT performant) Topic by pietro.nardella 21 Apr 2015 jdbc driver, bad metadata query

Hi All,
one of my customer sent me a query generate by JDBC driver to get some metadata. the execution of the query is not performant. I analyse the query and find that the where condition on databasename and tablename are write with LIKE (below I report only the where condition part of the query):

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Error While Creating Volatile inside query in Spark While Using Teradata JDBC Topic by charlesdrotar 19 Jan 2016 #JDBC, #Volatile tables, #VolatileTable, #Connectivity

I am encountering issues when I try to submit queries while doing "CREATE VOLATILE TABLE" using the Teradata JDBC driver class. I have tried the solution described within:
but adding a commit statement didn't work for me.

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sqoop import to teradata via kerberos authentication Topic by SAP 16 Jan 2016

Hi all ,

I am able to connect to teradata rdbms via sqoop below query :
sqoop import --connect jdbc:teradata://hostname/database=dbname --username xxxxx --password yyyyy --table tbname --split-by field1 -m 1

Above method uses password protected connectivity to teradata but i would like to utilize kerberos authentication. Please let me know the way of accomplishing it .

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using TDCH cannot connect to Teradata database: username and password invalid Topic by fengshaoyu 07 Jan 2016 tdch, ldap

Hi all, 
  i am encuntering the following error when trying to use TDCH to load data to Teradata. 
16/01/08 00:32:04 INFO tool.ConnectorExportTool: com.teradata.connector.common.exception.ConnectorException: java.sql.SQLException: [Teradata Database] [TeraJDBC] [Error 8017] [SQLState 28000] The UserId, Password or Account is invalid.

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Cannot connect from oracle database to teradata database Topic by timmm229 10 Dec 2015 teradata driver oracle connection

We are running a java program that is supposed to connect to a teradata warehouse.
Suddenly in the last two weeks the process with takes several hours and cannot connect to retrieve data and pull it over, of eventually connects after several hours and pulls the data.
Most of the time after a few hours we get this error message:

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Querying an Oracle database from a Teradata query Topic by S_GALILEO 11 Jan 2016 teradata, oracle, data base link, create dblink

Dear all, 
I would like ti create a DB Link from a Teradata database (v. to an Oracle database (10g) but the Create DBLink query doesn't work. I have looked on the Internet about this, but I didn't find anything relevant about it? How should I proceed to create the link between the two environments? 
Thank you in advance

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Error connecting with teradat odbc | DatabaseError: (0, u'[632] 523 630') Topic by amariani 12 Jan 2016

I've tried following the advice to export the ODBCINI but still get the 632 523 630 error. Any idea what is causing this?
It works on my MAC but not on a CENTOS server where I've installed the 15.10 odbc via "sudo rpm -ivh --nodeps tdodbc1510-"
export ODBCINI=/opt/teradata/client/15.10/odbc_64/odbc.ini

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Problem connecting to teradata using Python jaydebeapi module Topic by tranlm 09 Jan 2016

Hi guys,


I've tried everything (e.g. troubleshooting, googling, etc) and am unable to solve this and am hoping that some of you can help me.


I'm trying to connect to a teradata server using the JDBC drivers provided. While I can do this within R, for some reason I keep running into errors with Python. My code is:


import jpype

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.NET provider vs. ODBC Topic by Petr.Kaminsky 07 Jan 2016

We have some performance issue on Teradata DB. Select with 36 columns return approx. 10000 rows:
- .NET provider, TdDataReader ... 7:17 minutes,
- ODBC, DbReader ... 4:26 minutes.
Is it expected result? Or is any "known issue" in .NET provider when using reader?

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.NET provider (ver 15.xx), TdCommandBuilder, bulk load, error Topic by Petr.Kaminsky 07 Jan 2016

We use TdCommandBuilder/TdDataAdapter for bulk insert.
We use version, everything works fine,
I tried newer version, but sometimes I receive errors:
[.NET Data Provider for Teradata] [100038] Command did not complete within the time specified (timeout).

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password expired ado and vb6 Topic by sal21 29 Dec 2015

My question is...if the psw expire, is possible to renew via vb6 code? the connection string is:


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CommandTimeout - Query doesn't abort if in responding state Topic by teradatauser2 21 Dec 2015 c#, .net cli c#


In my .Net application in which i connect to TD to run queries, i have given a CommandTimeout of 5 minutes. Now, when i submit a query that runs a large select statement, it runs for 2 minutes(active state)and then goes into responding state. It runs in this state for 10-15 minutes.

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Unable to connect to Local host/dbc Topic by sankmar 17 Jul 2013

Hi Every one , I'm a new seed in the teradata & interested very much in it .Hence I Installed Teradata Studio Express Version:  and JDK and trying to create and connect new data Base and getting the below Error : 
Could not connect to localhost.

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Connecting to a VM from a completely separate host Topic by VinnyVally 01 Dec 2015 Vmplayer teradata issues, VMware public Connection


Apologies in advance if this question is dumb or obvious. I've searched the web as best I can and cannot seem to solve this issue - Which at first I thought was simple.

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Access VBA connection to Teradata Express VM 15.10 Topic by far 16 Dec 2015

Hi, I'm not sure where I am going wrong and have been trying to get this working for several nights now.  Hopefully someone is able to pick what has happened.
I have Teradata Express 15.10 running in a VM on ESXi (converted using standard VMWare provided convertor).
In another VM  (Windows 8.1) I have installed TTU15.

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