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Covers all topics related to Teradata database connectivity, including the use of client technologies such JDBC, ODBC, .NET Provider etc. For articles, blogs and more, see the Connectivity section of this site.

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Unable to connect to Teradata from Qlikview Management Console Topic by saugatkhawas 16 Mar 2016

Hi All,
I am trying to connect to teradata from Qlikview Management Console. The connection String I have written is 
But It is throwing an error as :

The 'Teradata' provider is not registered on the local machine

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UserID/Password failure when attempting a connection Topic by dirmiger 09 Mar 2016 error 8017, userID password failure

I'm used to having to trap for run-time issues when trying to connect to databases. In Oracle, if I fat-finger a password and try to use it to connect, I'd get a run-time error with an Exception.Number value of 1017.

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pyodbc encoding issue Topic by shawnyboy02 16 Mar 2016 pyodbc, python

I have (what appears to be) an encoding issue using pyodbc -- Perl works without issue and is using the same ODBC drivers. 
python code:

import pyodbc
pyodbc.pooling = False
conn = pyodbc.connect('DSN=tera01;', password=pw)

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Query not working ODBC driver 15.10 Topic by RichT 08 Mar 2016 ODBC 15.0 15.10

The following query works using the ODBC 15.00 drivers but not using the new 15.10 ODBC drivers. The error  "Select failed 3706  Syntax error: expected something between '(' and the 'trim' keyword"
I am not a Teradata developer I am jsut helpign an enduser try and reslove the issue. 

select a.month_key,



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ODBC.INI configuration with LDAP Authentication Mechanism Topic by mohtashim 11 Mar 2016

I am trying to connect to teradata database using ODBC with LDAP authentication. Follwing are the coentents of my odbc.ini:
Description=Teradata database

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Login timeout connectivity error Topic by Mansi27 01 Dec 2013 Connection Timeout

Unable to connect to Teradata Database.
Getting below error while pinging on Teradata Studio Express.
IPs ahve been added to hosts file also.
Request to provide resolution as soon as possible.

1 reply, 4 years ago
Connect to TD Express for VMWare Player from local visual studio Topic by archanak 08 Mar 2016

I am new to teradata and I am trying to connect to the teradata express that is installed in VMWare player. I have the following versions:
TDExpress14.0.5_Sles10_40GB - VMWare Workstation Player, Visual Studio 2013 professional, Teradata.Client.Provider

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SSRS Parameters Topic by elazarg 03 Mar 2016 ssrs

I'm trying to create SSRS report with report builder, connected to teradata DB with .NET provider.
There any way to use more than one parameter in a query?

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Connection problems using .NET Data Provider Topic by hm186001 22 Aug 2011 .net data provider


I am using .NET Data Provider to connect from Microsoft Analysis Services (BI Studio 2008) to Teradata. In general that works fine and I connect to Teradata database systems.

But there is a specific Teradata system (Teradata 13.10) that I am unable to connect using .NET Data Provider.
I always get the following error message:

[TeraGSS Security Library] [115022] Exception occurred in TeraGSS layer. See inner exception for details.

I am using the following connection String:

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SSIS 2012 OLE DB Teradata provider 'TDOLEDB.1' Topic by frittsm 28 Dec 2012


I am trying to set up a connection in SSIS 2012 and get i the following error. 


Test connection failed because of an error in initializing provider. The 'TDOLEDB.1' provider is not registered on the local machine.



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Bteq: Running bteq scripts located at local unix machine from remote linux admin box Topic by nelly 26 Feb 2016 bteq

Hi All,
I wanted to run bteq scripts located on my local mac by connecting to a remote Linux server which is used to connect to Teradata db.
How this can be any, any insights will be very helpful.
Thank you.

1 reply, 4 years ago
How to block all client connections to teradata database from a particular server/IP Topic by Tdarc1 24 Feb 2016 tasm, IP Restriction

Hello,,, we  need restrict all client connection  connecting from a perticular IP address/server to Teradata Database .  Is there a way I can enable it in  TASM ?

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Program hangs when I close connection to teradata db Topic by ramanzanwar 24 Feb 2016

When I close connection to teradata db, my program hangs. This is happening randomly not every time. When I collected dump I found it hangs in tdata32.dll file which is teradata odbc driver file.
tdata32.dll file version is ''
Below is call stack trace where program hangs.
ntdll.dll!_NtWaitForSingleObject@12() Unknown

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Getting an error when trying to connect using Teradata Hadoop Connector for Sqoop Topic by kbollam 23 Feb 2016

I'm trying to do a Sqoop import into local File system from Teradata and I get the following error.
I'm tried using the following import statement
import -fs file://// --connect
import -fs local --connect

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Parameters in JDBC Connector for Kereberos Connection Topic by SAP 12 Feb 2016 teradata JDBC, Conection timeout via jdbc teradata driver

Hi All , 
Could you please help me with parameters in JDBC connection that helps Kerberos Authentication and settings that need to changed in JDBC drivers ?

3 replies, 4 years ago
ODBC ts time stamp for now() Topic by Blake001 11 Feb 2016

Hi there,
I am fairly a newby in dev space. I have a piece of code (VBA) that runs a query to export data from SQL database into excel via Ms query (ODBC). The code works fine when having static time stamp like this:
"WHERE (vwTransactionData.CreateDateTime={ts '2016-01-01 00:00:00'}-0.375)")....0.375=9hrs and it work great with this 

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All Connections to Teradata fail with Receive Operation Timed Out Topic by hiszorn 17 Feb 2016 115003 receive operation timeout

I am working on .Net applications that utilize the .Net data provider and I have lost ability to connect to Teradata, whether I am in custom code or using the SQL Assistant.  When I try to connect, no matter what I put in the connection timeout setting, it waits that long and gives: [115003] The receive operation timed out.  This occurs if I type an incorrect password or my correct one.

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JavaDoc for JDBC Driver Topic by cphannegan 11 Feb 2016

Does anyone know where I can find the Javadoc for the JDBC Driver version 15?

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Getting this "unknown error occurred in terasso library" -when I try to setup in the ODBC Topic by perezco 11 Feb 2016 odbc, terasso, scrrun.dll


HI ,

I am getting this  "unknown error occurred in terasso library"

-when I try to setup in the ODBC in 64bit... an also try the 32bit version  (After installed it test )


both are register under


c:\>c:\windows\system32\regsvr32.exe c:\windows\system32\scrrun.dll


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Teradata login timeout Topic by walterxiao 11 Feb 2016

Hi there,
I try to connect to Teradata via JDBC connection pool (Apache Commons BasicDataSource) using following jdbc connection string

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Need Help with Teradata ODBC driver on Oracle/AIX Topic by Thomas.l.Coffing3 21 Dec 2010 teradata, aix, oracle, odbc, error, tnsping

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to get a Teradata ODBC driver to work on an Oracle/AIX platform instead of windows. I've gotten the Tnsping working, however when I go to use the link I recieve the following error message:

ERROR at line 1:
ORA-28545: error diagnosed by Net8 when connecting to an agent
Unable to retrieve text of NETWORK/NCR message 65535
ORA-02063: preceding 2 lines from LINK_TDDEV

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Unix ODBC not returning Unicode value Topic by Pat GoHabsGo 09 Feb 2016 linux, odbc, unicode

One Analyst here can't see Unicode character using a statistics package called Stata that can only connect to TD using unixODBC.
He has been working with Strata developpers on this problem. Strata beleives that there is something special about "How Teradata compiles the unixODBC library".  Can someone at Teradata shares what switches were used for Linux and for Mac?

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.NET Data Provider and Utilities Topic by Kkutlesa 09 Feb 2016

Good day, I'm new to the forums, how are you all?

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issue to install ODBC Driver (64x) -CLIv2 (64x) not recognized Topic by perezco 05 Feb 2016 64-bit connection, odbc, cliv2



I am having issue to install ODBC Driver (64x)

The CLIv2 - Suite for Windows (X64) after been installed is not been recognized when I installed  the X64 from the ODBC Driver Suite 15.10.04 for Windows.


Any advise is helpfull 

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MAC ODBC does not handle Unicode Topic by Pat GoHabsGo 05 Feb 2016 MAC OSX ODBC UNICODE

MAC ODBC doesn't handle UNICODE correctly.  It just removed none plain text character. Does anybody have a trick to fix it?


Below are conducted test:


MAC terminal handle . For example, can display the Euro sign:


$ echo -e '\xe2\x82\xac'


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