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Covers all topics related to Teradata database connectivity, including the use of client technologies such JDBC, ODBC, .NET Provider etc. For articles, blogs and more, see the Connectivity section of this site.

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Submit multiple SQL lines to Teradata through R Topic by zyxhrb 11 May 2016 teradata, r, sql, multiple lines, ddl, et, bt

Hello Everyone, 

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Delay in establishing connection form hibernate to Teradata. Topic by keerthi1987 12 Apr 2016

We are using JDBC template to estatblsih connection bewteen Application and Teradata,but it's taking more than 15 sec to establish connection. Anyone can help us to solve this. 

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TD JDBC Driver Upgrade question Topic by tdreturn 02 May 2016

We are currently on TD 14.10 and use the JDBC driver We  are upgrading to TD 15.10 but are not using any features from 15.10. Is it safe to keep using the driver with TD 15.10 database?

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Connection from SAS and the ability to change Teradata password Topic by gregp 05 May 2016

We are brand new to Teradata database and are using it as our database from SAS.  We are wondering if anyone has a method to change Teradata passwords from SAS.  We have put together a SAS stored procedure that we can utilitze to change Teradata passwords as long as they are not already expired.

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Error on read with WebFocus Topic by Lee 04 May 2016

When we run the select statement query from a view using SQL Passthru we are getting the below error:

 (FOC1400) SQLCODE IS 3996 (HEX: 00000F9C)
 : Right truncation of string data.

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cannot connect to Teradata via perl on linux - getting core dumps Topic by cl2515 08 Apr 2016 perl, dbi, odbc

[:home/cl2515/perl] perl -MDBI -e 'DBI->installed_versions;'
  Perl            : 5.016003    (x86_64-linux)
  OS              : linux       (2.6.32-220.4.2.el6.x86_64)
  DBI             : 1.631
  DBD::Teradata   : 1.52
    DBD::ODBC       : 1.52
My code
use DBI;
use DBD::ODBC;

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Teradata and Presto Connector Topic by ajsivsan 28 Apr 2016 Presto, teradata, hadoop

I am using teradata vesion of Prestodb 141t to connect to different data sources and one of my datasource is teradata but there aren't any documenatation about the connector. Does prestodb have the ability to connect to Teradata? If yes, how could i set up my connector?
Thanks, Siva. 

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Teradata JDBC connectivity with ODI 12c Topic by deenadayalan 26 Apr 2016

I am trying to connect Teradata database with ODI. While trying to create physical architecture in ODI, Teradata connectivity is not working.I am getting the below error.
Could not load JDBC driver class [com.teradata.jdbc.TeraDriver]
The Full error message is

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ODBC Driver fails with error SQLAllocHandle on SQL_HANDLE_ENV failed with tdxodbc64 and Perl Topic by jkoenes 13 Aug 2015 #ODBC, #Connectivity, #Hangs, #tdodbc, #cat, #SQLAllocHandle, #SQL_HANDLE_ENV, #Linux, #scripting, #Perl

As the title says, the driver fails connecting on a RHEL 5-64bit system in a custom directory, running tdxodbc64, and gives the above error, like so:

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dbc.sessioninfo.ClientOsName on Windows10 Topic by AS140218 21 Apr 2016 ttu tools connectivity windows10

when i connect to Teradata from Windows10 x64 using SQLA,
dbc.sessioninfo.ClientOSName does not indicate accurate OS name. but
i can get correct name when using Teradata Studio Express.
i hope ODBC and .NET Tera 'd be revised... 

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Article On Teradata Connectors for Hadoop (Java API) version Topic by infivivek 04 Feb 2015 connectivity, hadoop, tdch, javaapi, java, api, teradata connectors for hadoop

Hello All,
I am currently in the process of developing a complete end-end solution that will migrate objects/data from Teradata to Hadoop and vise versa.
When researched, i got the articles on TERADATA CONNECTORS FOR HADOOP (COMMAND LINE INTERFACE) and their respective  tutorial document.

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Javascript & Iframe, auto fill-out user name and password Topic by Christian_K 15 Apr 2016

Hi All
Aside from compliance considerations, is there any way to auto-populate the username and password fields when embedding Teradata Views via the Javascript API.
I can easily get the API to work, but usually I would use javascript to change the <iframe> form values, but somehow I cannot access the input fields.

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Using Named Parameters from SQL Server Reporting Services Topic by mr_tim 22 Apr 2011 odbc, .net data provider, parameter, named parameters, ?, @, reporting services, bids, report builder

Named Parameters are a great feature when using Teradata SQL Assistant. All one has to do is put "?my_parm" in the SQL. This can be very helpful in testing a query and can be a great time saver.

Microsoft's report development tools also provide the same feature... using "@my_parm" syntax within the query of a report. This works great with other databases. However, it does't work when using the Teradata .NET Data Provider nor ODBC to Teradata. One has to use an unamed parameter markert, simply "?", in their SQL.

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Retreiving database name from JDBC connection Topic by oopexpert 06 Apr 2016 databasename connection string Connection JDBC

The connection URL for JDBC I use:
I know that you can get the current database by querying it with "select database".
My question is:

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LDAP authentication - lockout and expiry Topic by teradatauser2 29 Feb 2016 ldap

I have few questions wrt LDAP. We use LDAP tp login to sql assist which is our windows id.
1. If there is more than 3 times of wrong password attempt using ldap on sql assistant, does it lock the id on ldap/windows ? The number of attempts for lock out is controlled at LDAP/TD level ?

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Create Volatile Tables in Visual Basic 2010 Topic by c25251 07 Apr 2016 Create Volatile Tables in Visual Basic 2010

Hi all

i'm working in Visual Basic 2010 trying to create several volatile tables in Teradata database. The program creates some volatile tables and sometimes in random way (not for the same table), after the step of creation of the table, trying to read it, I receive the following error: "Tablename doesn't exist".

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Teradata & Excel Powerpivot Topic by afedeli 18 Mar 2016

Hi all,
I am working to build some pivots/charts through Excel Powerpivot accessing TD database. I retrieve data w/o problem but I have the following problem:
1 - I am not able to save the password in the connection

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Cannot connect to database using Linux Teradata client 15.10 Topic by sruli 28 Oct 2015 Client 15.10 error

Hi, I have a Linux machine with Teradata client 14.10 which works nicely with the database.
On another Linux machine where client 15.10 is installed, I cannot connect to the same database using the same connection string.
The error I get is "STATE=632, CODE=0, MSG=523 630", which, unfortunately, is not too helpful.
What could be the problem?

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Teradata Connectivity Using Windows PowerShell Topic by mhackerott 16 Nov 2011 odbc, .net data provider, script, powershell

How can a connection to a Teradata database be implemented as a PowerShell script using ODBC, .Net Data Provider, or other protocol.

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Unable to establish connection between R studio and Teradata Topic by gargneha03 11 Mar 2016 #teradata, #RStudio, #JDBC, #Connectivity

i am using Terdata version 13.10 and R Studio 3.2.3 (32-bit). I am trying to establish connection between both using following code. I also have all required JDBC drivers installed on system.

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Building a new API on Teradata REST Services Topic by Willimoa 23 Mar 2016 rest api

Hi,  I've read with interest the Teradata REST Services guide, and the Driverless Connectivity article at Teradata Magazine :

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Problem with Reconnect using .NET and ODBC drivers Topic by srinivas486 13 Jul 2014 .net data provider, odbc, Teradata 15, Teradata express 15

Hi All,
I am facing an issue with reconnect in .NET and ODBC connectors from SQLA when i do a DBS restart. I am seeing this in TD Expres 15.0 SLES 10 40GB  VM.
Teradata .NET Data Provider :
Issue here is that after a successful DBS restart, SQLA is not maintaining the current session context.

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Errors obtaining jdbc:default:connection from external Java stored procedure Topic by bjacobs 21 Mar 2016 jdbc, external stored procedure, java, connectivity

I wrote a Java stored procedure, packed it into a jar and installed it into the Teradata database. I want to use the default database connection as described here [1]. Most of the code was generated by the Teradata wizard for stored procedures.

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Excel VBA connectivity Topic by nekogod 26 Aug 2014

Having major issues with ODBC driver 15
we've recently upgraded to Win 7 64bit machines from Win XP 32 bit machines.
On the old machines, using ODBC driver 8 the following worked in VBA
adodb.connection.Open "DSN=" & "DW Master" & ";" & _
                   "Uid=" & user & ";" & _

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Excel 2013 (32 bit) - Teradata ODBC Connectivity issue Topic by Fdaoed 24 Apr 2015 Excel 2013 Teradata ODBC

I'm new to the forum.
I am trying to connect to Teradata Database via Teradata ODBC in Excel 2013 (32 bit).
When I click on the Teradata DSN I keep on getting the following message : [Teradata][ODBC Teradata Driver] Not enough information to log on
The same DSN works fine if I use it to connect to Teradata via SQL Assistant.

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