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prashanth777 1 post Joined 01/06
12 Jan 2006
Why username and password need to be passed with dataSource.getConnection()

I have configured V5 datasources on WSAD for DB2, Oracle and Teradata. While dataSource.getConnection() with no parameters work fine with DB2 and Oracle, but not with Teradata. For Teradata, we either have to set properties for user and password on the datasource configuration or, pass them as parameters with dataSource.getConnection() method.Neither of them is an option for us as we want to use the security configured on the WSAD(those are the same user and password that we would otherwise pass with getConnection()) and we set the Component-managed authentication alias and Container-managed authentication alias to use this security setting. That should supply the username and password, why do we duplicate the samething from properties or with method call.We have a Password protection application that will update the security on WSAD datasource, no one knows what the password is. Writing to the security file on WSAD keeps it encoded. I am using "com.ncr.teradata.TeraConnectionPoolDataSource" as connection pool datasource class. Please let me know if I am missing something.

Dennis Calkins 12 posts Joined 07/04
12 Jan 2006

You need to set up Some sort of Single Sign on or other Mutual Authentication method on the Teradata system.What OS type are your Teradata Database nodes and what version of software are you using?

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