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flash7gordon 29 posts Joined 05/10
16 Jun 2010
what does the teradata client point to?


I'm using the r13 client tools and they work fine on my laptop. But now I have to install the client tools/odbc/oledb on a server that are generic so I need to point at the internal teradata resources. When I look at the pointer to teradata in both windows odbc and sql assistant the reference I see But I can't ping or do an nslookup on what the odbc driver says is the "Teradata Server Info". So is there some teradata file that is cross referencing the Teradata Server Info to the physical address. Whenever I point at a db server for ms sql or oracle I always use the dns server name. But I'm pretty sure that is not happening for teradata.

flash7gordon 29 posts Joined 05/10
17 Jun 2010

I think I figured this out. The entry for "Teradata Server Info" in my case is in Active Directory, not dns. When you look at an odbc connection in windows there is an option on Teradata Server Info that says “Do Not Resolve alias name to IP address”. With this box checked you are using Active Directory, if the box is unchecked you are using dns.

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