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mm185159 21 posts Joined 03/11
18 Nov 2014

Can anyone tell me where to find the Viewpoint server IP address and port number once the Viwepoint sevices have been started?
Can't seem to find out how to access Viewpoint config files. Funny, I downloaded the Viewpoint setup and configuration Reference document, and it says to login to the server using http://Viewpoint -- like your suppose to have an entry somewhere that knows what the URL maps
It would be especially nice to know how they (whoever they are) configured Viewpoint in the TDXpress 15.0 for VMware image. Or at lease provide some documentation on the desktop that tells you the IP address....
Anyone know? Any help please?
I have posted in several forums with no replies...

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
25 Nov 2014

Response in other forum:

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