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mr_tim 2 posts Joined 04/11
22 Apr 2011
Using Named Parameters from SQL Server Reporting Services

Named Parameters are a great feature when using Teradata SQL Assistant. All one has to do is put "?my_parm" in the SQL. This can be very helpful in testing a query and can be a great time saver.

Microsoft's report development tools also provide the same feature... using "@my_parm" syntax within the query of a report. This works great with other databases. However, it does't work when using the Teradata .NET Data Provider nor ODBC to Teradata. One has to use an unamed parameter markert, simply "?", in their SQL.

This is painful because the report author then has to map all "?" markers in their query to parameters in the report. It can be a major headache if one is passing a lot of parameters to a large query.

I realize that one can implement a macro to make this easier, but most report authors do not have priviledges to create macros.

If this is painful to you too, please reply. If you have a solution or ideas for making this less painful, I would like to hear about it.


- Tim

a259746 1 post Joined 03/12
05 Mar 2012

I have the same need. No one else replied??

dmuraco 3 posts Joined 01/11
13 Nov 2012

I have the same need too.  This impacts all the uses of the .net driver, not just reporting services.

elazarg 2 posts Joined 02/16
03 Mar 2016

Any news about this issue?

Belonym 1 post Joined 04/16
11 Apr 2016

Any result regarding this issue? I new to teradata im having the same issue. I alot familiar with SQL Sever i have done this many in SSRS but for some reason teradata functionality doesn't allow users to pass named parameters in SSRS. 


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