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14 Jun 2012
Unable to open informatica Admin Console on Browser.

Hello Guys!!!


I have installed Informatica 9.0.1 (Server + Client) on my laptop. Its was workng fine after installation but when i restarted my machine i got an issue that i am unable to open admin console. I have cross check and all my services are running. I have also tried to stop and start the services of my Teradata Database and Informatica Server but still stukced.


Kindly if you have best solution please help me to sort this out.


Aamir Hussain.

Regards, Aamir Hussain.
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11 Jul 2013

I am still experiencing the same problem. Even though the "Informatica Service" is already running, the Informatica Administrator cannot display the log-in page; like a display in Internet Explorer when a page cannot be loaded.

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08 Oct 2013

I already knew the solution to this problem. In the "Task Manager - Services tab" make sure that java.exe is running. The Informatica Administrator log-in page will not be displayed if java.exe is not running. The issue that I am encountering with Java is that sometimes, it just automatically stops from the services. I do not yet know the reason why java.exe automatically stops. To solve this, I am just restarting my computer. I hope this helps.

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