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venkateshsrini3 1 post Joined 01/13
28 Feb 2013
Unable to connect to TeraData v13.0 from .NET client

Hi All,
I'm new to TeraData data access. I have downloaded the latest drivers. I have Teradata v13.0 running on the server. After installing the driver, I'm connecting from server explorer of Visual studio 2010. I have supplied the Server name, database to connect, user id, password, port number that is required for connecting to teradata. I have also set the Mechanism as default for connecting. After doing all these I get an error saying that “[Socket Transport] [115002] Transport error receiving data"
Can some one help in this  regard.

NetFx 346 posts Joined 09/06
01 Mar 2013

It most likely means that you are connecting to wrong server (not Teradata Database); check the "Data Source" and "Port Number".

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