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sujjichalla 8 posts Joined 11/10
06 Dec 2011
Unable to connect through .net odbc

Im able to connect to teradata DB through SQL assistant with required credentials

But unable to connect to teradata through .Net ODBC

The connection string that i used is

driver={Teradata};DBCName=provided Server address; UID=*****;PWD=*****;


Pls let me know if anything is needed

sujjichalla 8 posts Joined 11/10
07 Dec 2011

I solved it myself..

The error that i received was 'not enough information to logon'.

Had to trim the username and password. The above connection string format is correct

marwooj 2 posts Joined 12/09
16 Apr 2013

What do you mean by "trim"?

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