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bexxy 1 post Joined 01/14
24 Jan 2014
Teradata14, Unica and ODBC

We currently use Teradata version 13 and have no issues connecting to Unica version 6 via ODBC connection.
We are soon upgrading to Teradata 14 and have been told it can't be connected to an older version of Unica?  Unless Teradata 14 has changed the way you can connect applications, such as removing ODBC functionality, I cant understand what would stop us from continuing to connect via an ODBC link from Unica to version 14?
Any one else using Teradata 14 with ODBC connections?

m_devdatta 1 post Joined 04/12
27 Jan 2014

What version of unica do you have. Unica version 9 and 9.1 works fine on Teradata 14 but 8.X versions have known issues. To connect those to teradat 14, you should use Teradata 13.10 drivers

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