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11 Jun 2010
Teradata SQL Assistant ODBC connection cannot find Teradata driver 64bit Windows server 2003

I have installed 64 bit Teradata ver on a 64 bit Windows Server 2003 R2 server in the following order (not an upgrade):
TDICU, TeraData GSS client, ODBC Driver, .Net Provider for Teradata
I then installed the Teradata SQL Assistant which appears to have installed in the Windows 32 bit path.
We created an ODBC connection via ODBC Administrator successfully with the Teradata driver recognized.
Opening Teradata SQL Assistant and making a connecting using .Net is successful. The ODBC connection does not show any data sources.
I uninstalled TD SQL Assistant, rebooted, and attempted a reinstall. I get a message saying that setup could not locate ODBC driver for Teradata on your system. I did not uninstall any of the other components.
Is TD SQL Assistant not compatible with 64bit? Is there a work-around for this issue?

afg3975 2 posts Joined 06/10
14 Jun 2010

I have resolved this issue. I installed all of the 32 bit components for Teradata including the ODBC drivers. I then made a shortcut to the Windows 32bit ODBC connection administrator and used that version to create the ODBC connection, instead of the native 64bit ODBC connection manager. Upon opened the TD SQL Assistant, all of the ODBC data sources were listed and connectivity was successful.

Brenton 1 post Joined 07/10
16 Mar 2011

Does anybody know if this issue has been resolved or is still outstanding?

NetFx 346 posts Joined 09/06
17 Mar 2011

Teradata SQL Assistant is a 32-bit application. 32-bit applications cannot utilize 64-bit drivers.
Therefore the solution described above is actually the normal process (i.e. install 32-bit ODBC Driver, TDICU and TeraGSS on 64-bit OS).

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