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sureshb79 1 post Joined 07/16
10 Aug 2016
Teradata Presto Driver Connectivity INT Datatype Limitation

We are using Teradata ODBC driver for Presto to connect to Hive data.
We observed that, SELECT query with INTEGER Column just hungs.  If we cast the column with Varchar/BIGINT we are getting response.
We are able to fetch other columns with type Varchar, Bigint, Date etc.
In the Teradata Presto ODBC Driver Install Guide, we noted that INTEGER is not in the supported datatypes list.  Is that mean we would not able to fetch Integer columns defined in the HIVE tables (Without cast)?.  Is that changing the INT column to BIGINT or Casting while selecting is the only work-around?

sd186060 2 posts Joined 07/15
11 Aug 2016

This issue has been resolved and will be available in the August, 2016 release of Presto 148t.
Here is a seak peak at the release notes for data types: 

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