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valiolov 2 posts Joined 10/11
16 May 2013
Teradata on Windows - Single Sign On - Help

I've installed teradata Express 13 on a Windows XP SP3 machine to try the Single Sign On feature from ODBC and JDBC applications. I tried first ODBC and I'm not able to make any progress. The External Authentication at the database is ON ( Gateway Control Options), the ODBC data source ( on Windows 7) is set with Integrated Security, and there is a user name at the database that matches my Windows user name. However, every attempt to connect ends up with an error message from the driver:
dbc:  szSqlState = "HY000", *pfNativeError = 0, *pcbErrorMsg = 126, *ColumnNumber = -1, *RowNumber = -1
          MessageText = "[Teradata][ODBC Teradata Driver] Major Status=0xd0000 Minor Status=0x80090303-The specified target is unknown or unreachable
Does anyone have an experience with this feature ? Any help is appreciated.

valiolov 2 posts Joined 10/11
28 May 2013

I've got this working by adding the teradata SPN to the Active Directory. The SPN format is described in the Security Administration gude, Configuring Active Directory; I didn't expect I have to do anything, because my Teradata runs on Windows, not Linux.

Michaelcanady 11 posts Joined 05/13
30 May 2013

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