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09 Nov 2015
Teradata ODBC Teradata Driver Not enough information to log on - Python/SQL Assistant ODBC

I'm geting "Not enough information to log on" error message when trying to connect using the Teradata Python module, pypyodbc or SQL Assistant ODBC.
Using Teradata Python:
session = udaExec.connect(method="odbc", system=***,username=***, password=***);
*** - hide the real values.
Using pypyodbc:
The strange thing is that I can connect through Excel using ODBC...
THe connection string there is:
Any idea what Ielse  could try?

DDKing 2 posts Joined 11/15
20 Jan 2016

Any idea anyone?

DiEgoR 33 posts Joined 08/06
20 Jan 2016

udaExec = teradata.UdaExec(appName="test", version="1.0"
, logConsole=True)

and check if that brings any clarity

input output putput

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