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rajatsuvra 1 post Joined 04/13
30 Apr 2013
Teradata ODBC driver installation in Linux

I need to connect , OBIEE RPD  with teradata database. My OBIEE server is in Linux.
I need to install ODBC driver for Teradata in Linux.
I have downloaded the odbc software from " odbc-driver/linux"
But the read me files says , ODBC installation depends on
ODBC Dependencies

        1. Teradata GSS client package                                    (TeraGSS_linux_x64)
        2. Shared common components for Internationalization for Teradata (tdicu1400)
Can anybody please provide the link for the above two software.

GALPGR 2 posts Joined 08/09
alexl.charter 5 posts Joined 08/11
06 Nov 2013

I could not find the tdicu1400 files either

alexl.charter 5 posts Joined 08/11
06 Nov 2013

oops sorry, I found it in the link

20 Nov 2013

are u able to make  it work..  i am trying to do the same   connetinv teradata from  obiee..   not working for me.. getting message  'Not enough information to log on.".

goldsg 2 posts Joined 08/13
29 Jul 2014

TeraGSS and tdicu is not on the link.above.
Where do we get this software?


NetFx 346 posts Joined 09/06
31 Jul 2014

TeraGSS and TDICU are in the tar file.

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