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johnhrschuster 7 posts Joined 06/04
24 Aug 2016
Teradata ODBC 15.10 32bit and MSAccess 2016 32 bit Cannot find Terasso library

I am doing some testing on Windows 10 with Access 2016.
Both are 32 bit installations
The Teradata ODBC DSN works fine with SQLAssistant
The Teradatra ODBC DSN works fine with Bi-QUERY and Patch 2.
The installed Teradata GSS client is  NT-i386
I have done MSAccess linked tables in Access 2016 32 bit with SQL Server and SQLite, and these have worked.
When attempting to do a link-table using the Teradata DSN 32 bit with Office 2016 2016 MSO, 16.0.7030.1021 32 Bit I get the following error message.
Major Error 0x462
Minor Error 000000
Cannot find terasso library
I'm assuming here that the Teradata GSS client is the Terasso library in this error message.
If I ignore this message and just continue, I get the ODBC Mgr screen to enter the password
I enter the correct password and I get 'Not enough information to log on" error.
I have tried 2 different Teradata servers in this location.  Both same results.
I'm have seen some forum posts about VBA issues with Excel 2016 that have not been resolved yet.  This was going to be my next test area.
Could the error with VBA-Excell 2016 and my issue be related?
So, can anyone provide me with a direction to find the solution to this?
Thank you in advance.

John H Schuster Teradactlyl
zskuza 15 posts Joined 04/11
01 Sep 2016

I've also tried to install the 32-bit (and 64-bit) Teradata ODBC drivers and getting a dependency check error stating that the TeraGSS 15.10 libraries haven't been installed, even though I've just installed them. After I proceed anyway with the ODBC driver install I get the 'Cannot find Terasso library' error.
Teradata, I think your testing of new software releases could do with some improvement!

zskuza 15 posts Joined 04/11
01 Sep 2016

15.00 works fine (install ICU, GSS then ODBC)

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