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JustMe 76 posts Joined 03/07
16 Dec 2011
Teradata Erro 8017 using SQL Assistant

Our users have been receiving the [8017] The UserID, Password or Account is invalid error more frequently lately.  Normally, I can reset the password and they are fine.

However, today I have a user experiencing the problem repeatedly after resetting the password.  He is attempting to connect vi SQL Assistant and using Teradata .NET Data Provider.

Any suggestions?

NetFx 346 posts Joined 09/06
16 Dec 2011

The Message manual has this explanation:

Either the userid, password or account specified is not valid, or they are being used in an invalid manner or from an invalid location, and the requesting user is not allowed to log on.

Therefore I recommend looking for the root cause on the Teradata Database server side. I think the error should be logged in the system log or DBS.Software_Event_LogV.


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