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Abbas82 1 post Joined 09/12
20 Sep 2012
Teradata EntityFramework provider bug?

I am using Teradata EF provider and I seem to be unable to reference a string column in the table without having to specify it in the key as well.  If I have that column in the key then all is well, but if I don't then I get the following error.  Has anyone come across this?  Or know what the issue might be?

Stack Trace: 

[InvalidCastException: Specified cast is not valid.]

   Teradata.Client.Entity.TdProviderManifest.GetStringSto reType(ReadOnlyMetadataCollection`1 facets) +186

   Teradata.Client.Entity.TdProviderManifest.GetStoreType (TypeUsage edmType) +408

NetFx 346 posts Joined 09/06
24 Sep 2012

Please post additional information in order to recreate this issue; for example
1- EF version
2- .NET Framework version
3- EDM & how did you create the EDM? 
4- Table definition
Most likely the EDM does not have the expected set of Facets (MaxLength & FixedLength);

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