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PrevinKumar 1 post Joined 08/14
21 Aug 2014
Teradata connectivity using Entity framework 6.0

I am very new to teradata. Please help me. 
Is it possible to connect to teradata using Entity framework 6.0. 
If so, is there any sample application or source code(some kind of tutorial) for reference.
Previn S

derickmayberry 1 post Joined 10/14
20 Oct 2014

Does anyone have any information on this at all??? We definitely have need to query TeraData and we use Entity Framework 6.0 and would rather not have to switch to another ORM.  Any idea if there is at least one in the works by someone? 

songbo 7 posts Joined 03/11
11 Dec 2014

I had the same problem. .net connector v15 wasnt able to use entity framework 6. I had to switch back to EF 5.

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