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flash7gordon 29 posts Joined 05/10
16 Jun 2010
teradata client install a no show in odbc


We installed this teradata driver:
on a windows 2008 box. It's a 64 bit teradata driver. But when I go to add a System DSN in ODBC, none of the Teradata drivers show up as choices. Any ideas as to why the no show?

... Tom

flash7gordon 29 posts Joined 05/10
17 Jun 2010

I made some progress on this. I switched to a 32 bit windows 2003 server (it's nice to work for a big company). Then I installed this oledb package: The teradata oledb client was present then. I then installed a linked server in ms sql 2005 to Teradata using the oledb driver. I was getting some wierd 1703 errors in first attempting to set up the linked teradata server but a few hours later those same linked server connections started working, go figure.

We will now readdress the 64 bit 2008 server and I will do an update when I figure that out.

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