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ajsivsan 2 posts Joined 04/16
28 Apr 2016
Teradata and Presto Connector

I am using teradata vesion of Prestodb 141t to connect to different data sources and one of my datasource is teradata but there aren't any documenatation about the connector. Does prestodb have the ability to connect to Teradata? If yes, how could i set up my connector?
Thanks, Siva. 

sd186060 2 posts Joined 07/15
28 Apr 2016

Hi Siva,
We do have a connector but its not open source, you need to purchase it in-order to query Teradata from Presto. Let me know if you need additional help.
Sal Daoud
Product Manager, Querygrid & Presto

ajsivsan 2 posts Joined 04/16
29 Apr 2016

Thanks Sal. 

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