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05 May 2014
Teradata] [100038] is there a timeout parameter?

Extract Beginning for BigComp Extract
Begin date is: 2014/03/01 End date is: 2014/03/31
Exception on Teradata Open for: myuid LDAP Message
is: Teradata.Client.Provider.TdException (0x80004005): [.NET Data Provider for
Teradata] [100038] Command did not complete within the time specified (timeout).
[Teradata Database] [3110] The transaction was aborted by the user.
[Socket Transport] [115003] The receive operation timed out. ---> System.Net.Soc
kets.SocketException (0x80004005): A connection attempt failed because the conne
cted party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established conne
ction failed because connected host has failed to respond

     I wanted to add some information about this and ask a question.   Our group decided to do a large number (~20) of extracts using to create an ascii file and then read it in with ms sql bulk copy (as opposed to use ssis or datastage).  Most of these extracts worked fine but with one of them I got the error message I show above.  Which brings me to one piece of information I am offering.  The query you are using can cause a 1000038 error message even though the infrastructure you are connecting with is correct.   In my mind the query that caused the failure,  fails for subtle reasons.  This query is large (returns 40 million rows) but I have other 40 million row queries that work fine, so it's not just the size of the return set.   I think wants a few rows back within some timeout limit or it thinks nothing is coming back and this query doesn't give anything back within the timeout limit.  So cb.ConnectionTimeout increases the amount of time has to connect to teradata with uid/pw.  Is there a parameter that can increase the time waits before rows come back from a query?  Environment is Teradata Client 14.x, c#, Visual Studio 2010.                               ... Flash

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
05 May 2014

Yes, set the TdCommand.CommandTimeout property.

flash7gordon 29 posts Joined 05/10
05 May 2014

Fred, when I put in TdCommand in Visual studio I only get equals and equalsreference as options after TdCommand.  I'm using Teradata.Client.Provider version 14.x .

flash7gordon 29 posts Joined 05/10
05 May 2014

Fred, Sorry, I got it.   I see the syntax and I'm checking it out now.

flash7gordon 29 posts Joined 05/10
06 May 2014

Fred, thanks that did the trick.   I guess teradata doesn't have "mark as answer" but I would if I could.   Had to set it at 240 seconds from the default of 30.  120 wasn't enough.  The syntax if you TdCommand cmd = cn.CreateCommand is
There are a whole set of parameters you can set, just for the command.

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