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15 Jul 2005
Terada ADODB performance issue.

I am a loadtester test on of my groups and notice that the create Object method is not scaling. I am lucky to get 10 users running and response times are taking over a minute to create. Any ideas what could be taking so long? I am trying to run a test of 30 concurrent users against a teradata odbc driver with the following method below. What is happening is we are getting Intermittent high response times trying to connect. Is there a better method to use?Dim strId, strPW, strDSN Dim objConnection set objConnection = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") strId = "XXXXXX"strPW = "XXXXXX"strDSN = "TERA07"' -------------------objConnection.ConnectionTimeout = 180' -------------------objConnection.Open strDSN, strId, strPW

ashley 2 posts Joined 11/06
08 Nov 2006

Are you using ASP or VB6 ?.Anyway try this out...Dim strId, strPW, strDSN Dim strConn as StringDim objConnection as ADODB.Connectionset objConnection = New ADODB.Connection strId = "XXXXXX"strPW = "XXXXXX"strDSN = "TERA07"strConn = "DSN=" & strDSN & ";Uid=" & strId & ";Pwd=" & StrPW & ";"' -------------------objConnection.ConnectionTimeout = 180' -------------------objConnection.Open strConn

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
09 Nov 2006

If it's the Connect method that's taking too long, be sure you have the latest version of the driver and particularly the latest version of the shared TeraGSS component.Name resolution (DNS) may also be at fault. Test using a numeric IP address to rule that out.

vhari 111 posts Joined 12/08
26 Sep 2012

What version of ODBC driver you have installed ?

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