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28 May 2007
TdConnection is not open

Hi,I have built a working application in and have installed it on the network.2(including my own development pc) of 5 pcs will connect to the database from the application. The other 3 give the above message. The status bar finds the exception and displays the information specified in the code below. I have tried everything and cannot work out the issue.I was getting the error on one pc and I did the following to fix it but did the same on 2 other pcs but it did not work. I did all of this in the exact same order to secure dependancies.Uninstalled all Teradata Utilities and applications.Uninstalled the .Net framework 2.0.Unistalled the .Net Data Provider for Teradata.Reinstalled Teradata Tools & Utilities Rel 8.0 Edition 2.Uninstalled CLIv2, Shared ICU & GSS.Reinstalled Shared ICU Libraries For Teradata, Teradata GSS Client nt-i386 and Teradata CLIv2 .NET Provider Framework 2.0.Installed .NET Data Provider for Teradata have run out of ideas and have checked the versions of wincli32.dll, tdusr32.dll etc and they all match. Any input/advice much appreciated.-- code snippet of connection that is causing error.Dim pf As DbProviderFactory = DbProviderFactories.GetFactory(" Teradata.Client.Provider")cnString = "Data Source=" & ServerLogXML & ";User ID=" & UNameLogXML & ";Password=" + PasswordLogXML strSQL = "SELECT uname FROM CQA_DATA_V.mis_MISRE_employees WHERE uname = '" + txtUName.Text + "';" Try cn = pf.CreateConnection cn.ConnectionString = cnString cn.Open() Catch ex As Exception sbLogin.Text = ("Error: Could not establish database connection") End TryCould it be something on the OS?

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31 May 2007

I suggest you follow the steps in .NET Data Provider for Teradata error [Call-Level interface... and use NQuery initially to test connectivity.I also suggest capturing the error message and the stack trace. System.Exception.ToString() will combine the error message and the stack trace into one String.You wrote "Reinstalled Teradata Tools & Utilities Rel 8.0 Edition 2". CLI is part of Teradata Tools & Utilities Rel 8.1.

marcmc 112 posts Joined 12/05
01 Jun 2007

Thanks for the reply.I did run in TTU Rel 8 but then unistalled and reinstalled the correct versions of Shared ICU, GSS and CLIv2.In the meantime i have incorporated the System.Exception and it was a problem with 2 of the users hosts files.Thanks for the reply in any case.Marc.

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