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11 May 2016
Submit multiple SQL lines to Teradata through R

Hello Everyone, 

I am having a problem of running queries through R. Here is the error message "Only an ET or null statement is legal after a DDL Statement". I've done my researches: I know one way to fix is to run the queries in separate calls. However, given I have so many existing queries, I AM WONDERING IF THERE IS A WAY I COULD DO IT IN THE SINGLE CALL (basically I just want to open my existing sql files and copy/paste): 


channel <- odbcDriverConnect("dsn=Enterprise Data Warehouse;uid=123123;pwd=123123")
         create volatile table fast_list as ( 
         select cust_nbr
         from customer
         where natl_acct_nbr ='1234' 
         ) with data  primary index (cust_nbr) on commit preserve rows ;

         insert into fast_list (cust_nbr) values (1235);

I have seen posts: 
1. suggest add "ET;"  and I tried to add between "on commit preserve rows;" and "intert...", it didn't work. 
2. suggest add "session mode = Teradata". I tried to add this into odbcDriversConnect and it didn't work either. 
Thanks in advance! 


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