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13 Aug 2014
SQL Assistant and ORA-12154 on 64-bit Windows platforms (but not on 32-bit)

Since it appears SQL Assistant is still available only in 32-bit version (TD 14/15 clients), it attempts to connect to Oracle's 32-bit ODBC.
On 32-bit Windows platforms everything is peachy.
On 64-bit platforms, however, ORA-12154 errors "Can not resolve connect identifiers" is experienced. Manipulations with ORACLE_HOME, TNS_ADMIN, PATH so far did not yield any results. It almost appears that the SQL Assistant attempts to read from a TNS file only it knows where to find.
I have an Oracle 11g client, and - what appears to have been added by the Teradata 15 client - an Oracle 10g client.
Setting up Oracle 10g environment as primary works in all ODBC admins (including the ODBC config from inside the SQL Assistant), but once you actually try to connect the issue in the subject persists.
Any idea how to get rid of this?

MikeDempsey 94 posts Joined 10/06
18 Aug 2014

On my system I use the following file:
but the name will depend where you installed Oracle (or the Oracle client) and which version you installed.
I am running on 64bit Windows 7 and I'm able to connect using both Oracle.Net and ODBC.

MikeDempsey 94 posts Joined 10/06
18 Aug 2014

Teradata does not install any Oracle components.
It is up to you to install the appropriate Oracle client tools (.Net Data Provider [prefered] or ODBC driver [as a last resort])
SQL assistant requires .Net Data Provider for Oracle or higher, while all previous versions require or higher.
SQL Assistant has no special logic to find the TNS files. It uses whatever is found on Oracle's search path. (It is the ODBC driver or .Net provider that performs the search - not SQLA.) I don't even know what paths Oracle searches ... that's completely up to Oracle.

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20 Jan 2015

I seem to have a very similar issue. I had a 32-bit machine and everything was fine. I used SQL Assistant 13.10 and had 3 different options to connect that included Now, I had my computer refreshed to Windows 7 64 bit. After installing Teradata SQL 15.00, I do not see Oracle.Net under the connection dialogue. I have ODP.Net 64 bit drivers installed but still at a loss since the dialogue is not available. Can anyone, please, help on how to have Teradata SQL Assistant identify Oracle.Net drivers? I read the note above about putting in the actual path to TNS Names file but that did not work for me either. I Am open to any suggestions and may a good screenshot. thank you in advance for all the help.

lpozen 4 posts Joined 11/10
21 Jan 2015

Mike, do you have any thoughts on this issue above? I already have ODP.NET installed on my 64-bit Windows 7 machine. It seems that Teradata SQL 15.00 does not pick the path from Oracle Data Provider or the other way around. I only see Teradata.Net and ODBC connection dialogues.

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