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SriniD 25 posts Joined 02/14
18 Mar 2015
Setting up ODBC Driver setup parameters and ODBC Driver options globally.

Hi All,
Good Day...
Can some one help me to set up ODBC Driver for Teradata options (Especially, Password & Data Encryption and Authentication Mechanisms) globally and these optios should not be overwritten by user at ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog box.
Means, end users who connects to TD databse through ODBC connectivity can modify the ODBC Driver setup parameters and ODBC Driver options (like, Intigrated security, Mechanism, Parameters, Data Encryption etc...). But I need to set up these parameters and options at server level for each DSN and those options should not be modified by the user at ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog box.
Please help me to find the solution for the above problem. This needs to be implemented for Tableau desktop system whch connects to Teradata through ODBC. 
Thanks in advance.

wmmiteff 20 posts Joined 02/11
18 Mar 2015

The only thing I have found for this is restricting the registry permissions once the DSN has been defined.  Unfortunately, this will only work for the System DSN, users would still be able to define their own User DSNs.

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