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24 Dec 2014
SAS TDT Connection Failure: "name not in HOSTS file"

Dear Teradata Community,
I got a failure message - "name  in HOSTS file" - when trying to connect from SAS to Teradata Platform.
The current architecture is using a DNS server performing translation between IP adress of the different nodes and an "alias name - AN -" issued in the logon string connection.
(1) Connection from SAS Server to Teradata Platform is operational using BTEQ
(2) Issuing a "ping AN" command from the SAS Server returns a "Teradata node adress"
(3) Substitution of the AN by that "Teradata Node adress" in the "SAS connection order" is operational too !
Does that mean that SAS application still use the HOSTS file to connect ? Do I have to fill that file with the different cop"i" adress ?
Thanks a lot for any kind of help you can give me,

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