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dazzdadawg 3 posts Joined 08/14
03 Oct 2014
SAP Business Objects 4.1 SP2 connecting to Teradata 14

I am trying to connect to Teradata 14 using ODBC connection. ODBC drivers were installed on both server and client machine. IDT connection from my machine to teradata is working fine but I get an error when I try to publish the coonection to the BO server. Error message reads " Specified Drivers could not be loaded due to system error 193: Teradata, C:\Program files(x86)\Teradata\Client\14.10\ODBC Driver for Teradata nt-x8664\Lib\tdata32.dll.
Has anyone come with this issue before? If so, how did you resolve it?

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
05 Oct 2014

I think this error is due to ODBC set up. Most of the machines these days are 64 bit  OS, rather than 32 bit. The execution of c:windows ..... \SysWoW64\odbcad32.exe and \System32\odbcad32.exe may not be proper.  Some people could get through by re-executing the both the exes. But I suggest you get in touch with your admin.
I also suggest you can put your issues in SAP DS forums, for speedier replies. Few years back when I used to work in SAP DS tool and Teradata, I used forumtopics and sap scn . However, it seems sap scn is not responding properly.

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