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07 May 2014
Querying Teradata from JavaScript/jQuery?

Is it possible to access Teradata from JavaScript/jQuery?
If it is possible, is there some example about how to connect to Teradata, send a Query, get a dataset back?
Peter Schwennesen

tomnolan 594 posts Joined 01/08
07 May 2014

Client-side JavaScript code cannot use JDBC directly. You may want to use something like Jongo, which is a REST-to-JDBC gateway.
Your client-side JavaScript code would make REST calls to the Jongo server, which would in turn make JDBC calls to the Teradata Database.

ericscheie 3 posts Joined 11/08
31 Mar 2015

Released in November 2014, the "REST API for Teradata Database" now enables JavaScript/jquery to query a Teradata Database.

ec186015 1 post Joined 12/14
30 Mar 2016

Where would one be able to find more information and resources regarding registering a target Teradata system and configuring it for use with the REST API? A Google search just returns the article available via Teradata Magazine, which provides a brief overview at best.

19 Aug 2016

Is there any update on this particular question? 
I read Teradata Magazine article, but I am not able to find the REST API for Teradata system. It would be really helpful if someone can provide more information about this. 

tomnolan 594 posts Joined 01/08
22 Aug 2016

Teradata REST Services is available from AWS:
Also, if you're a customer, Teradata REST Services is available from "Teradata at Your Service" (TaYS). Log into TaYS, then in the Tools section of the main page, choose "Software Downloads". This will take you to the Teradata Software Server (TSS). Choose "Teradata Client". Then from the left-side menu, choose "Rest APIs".

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